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Resource Sharing Workshop :: Comparing and Sharing Digital Archival Projects and Resources

Maxim Romanov, Research Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt-Lehrstuhl für Digital Humanities, Institut für Informatik, Universität Leipzig
Intisar Rabb, Founding Editor-In-Chief, SHARIAsource, Professor at HLS

Thurs, Nov 17 | 4.00-6.00p

This discussion will showcase major tools and resources (online or digitized sources, CDs and hard drives, etc.) that can be used to research primary source documents in Arabic digitally. To participate, attendees need to submit at least one resource to share and showcase (for 2-3 minutes): name of the source, where to locate it (URL or otherwise), its content and scope, examples of use, and pros and cons of use. Examples of these sources include, but are not limited to: the Islamic Texts Initiative, Turath Hard Drive, al-Maktaba al-Shamila, Warraq, Noor CDs, Qurʾānic Arabic Corpus, etc.

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