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Innovative Approaches to Migrant Worker Advocacy

Join us for a conversation on migrant workers’ rights in Jordan’s garment sector in the free trade zones with Mervat Jumhawee, Advocacy Officer for the El Hassan Workers’ Center. Founded in 2012, the El Hassan Workers’ Center has a mission of working with multiple stakeholders to connect workers with health and recreational services; empower workers with knowledge about their legal rights; and equip them with tools and resources to organize and advocate for those rights. Read More

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A Conversation with Syrian Refugee and Activist Sana Mustafa

Sana Mustafa, a Syrian refugee in the US, will share her story growing up in Syria, revolting against the Assad regime, fleeing the horrors of war, and starting a new life in the US, and her new path as an activist and advocate for the rights of Syrian refugees worldwide. Read More

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Feminist Voices in Islam: Rethinking Patriarchal Ethics

Ziba Mir-Hosseini, a leading scholar of Islamic feminism, will discuss the emerging reformist and feminist voices in Islam and their potential in challenging the long-established classical interpretations of Shari’a and rethinking their underlying patriarchal ethical values and norms. Read More

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What Islam, Whose Islam? The Struggle for Women’s Right to Equality and Justice in Muslim Contexts

Please join us for a talk by Zainah Anwar, of Musawah, who will speak on the challenges faced by women’s groups living in Muslim contexts and their struggle to reform laws and practices made in the name of Islam that discriminate against women. She will share the initiatives of activists and scholars who are engaged in the production of new feminist and rights-based knowledge in Islam, and their efforts at creating a public voice at the national and international levels, pushing for the possibility and necessity of reform to uphold the principles of equality and justice.

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A Lunch Talk with Hala Aldosari on Challenges and Developments in Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States

Saudi blogger and activist Hala Aldosari will join us to discuss the family laws of Arab Gulf states and the challenges and prospects of change.  She will focus on women’s legal capacity under these laws and discuss the current debates and controversies surrounding Islam, social customs, and legal reform in these countries. Read More

You Don’t Know What Pain Is: Affect, Religion, and Animal Ethics

Professor Donovan Schaefer (Departmental Lecturer in Science and Religion, University of Oxford) will discuss his new book, Religious Affects: Animality, Evolution, and Power (Duke University Press, 2015). The conversation will be moderated by Kimberley Patton, Professor of the Comparative and Historical Study of Religion at Harvard Divinity School. Read More

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Evangelicals and Warlords: Christian Television in the Middle East

Febe Armanios (Associate Professor of History at Middlebury College and Fall 2015 ILSP Visiting Fellow) will deliver a lecture on “Evangelicals and Warlords: Christian Television in the Middle East, 1981-2000.″ Read More

The Women’s Movement, Animal Welfare, and Islamic Law

As part of Harvard Law School’s Animal Law Week, Prof. Kristen Stilt (Harvard Law School, and Director of the Islamic Legal Studies Program and Animals, Law, and Public Policy Program) will give a lecture entitled, “The Women’s Movement, Animal Welfare, and Islamic Law: Constitutional Animal Protection in Egypt.” Read More

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How Did the Salafiyya Become an Ideology?

Henri Lauzière, Assistant Professor of History, Northwestern University, will give a public lecture, “How Did the Salafiyya Become an Ideology?” This talk examines the historical process by which Salafis came to be associated with a purist and comprehensive religious orientation that embraces the entire gamut of Islamic beliefs and practices, from theology to etiquette. Read More

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Qadi Justice: Cases and Controversies in Early Islamic Law and Society

Professor Intisar A. Rabb will deliver a lecture on “Qāḍī Justice: Cases and Controversies in Early Islamic Law and Society” as part of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study’s Fellows’ Presentation Series. The talk will take place on December 16, 4-5:30 pm, at the Institute’s Fay House, 10 Garden St. Read More