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POSTPONED :: Fellow’s Lecture :: The Trial of a Heretic (Muslim Toledo, 11th Century): Judicial Procedure and Political Context 

  Maribel Fierro, Senior Research Fellow, ILSP; Director, El Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales (CSIC) in Madrid, Spain Mon, Feb 27 | 12.00-1.00p |… Read More

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Forum at HKS :: A Conversation with Khizr Khan

Forum at HKS :: A Conversation with Khizr Khan Khizr Khan, Constitutional Rights Advocate Intisar Rabb, Moderator; Founding Editor, SHARIAsource; Professor of Law, HLS Wed,… Read More

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Lunch Discussion :: Prosecuting Radicalization

Professor Amna Akbar, Assistant Professor of Law, The Ohio State UniversityFri, Feb 17 | 12.00-1.00p | WCC 3016 Join a lunch discussion with Professor Amna… Read More

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2017 International Meeting in Mexico City

Registration for the 2017 International Meeting in Mexico City is now open. Register and get other attendance planning information at    The Islamic Law and Society… Read More

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Public Lecture :: Egypt: Unfinished Revolution?

Public Lecture :: Egypt: Unfinished Revolution? Jack Shenker, Journalist; author, The Egyptians: A Radical History of Egypt’s Unfinished Revolution Khaled Fahmy, Shawwaf Visiting Professor of Modern… Read More


Comparative Constitutional Law in South Asia: Sources, Methods, and Applications

This session explores the study of comparative constitutional law in South Asia through presentations that draw on a diverse range of sources, methodologies, and approaches… Read More


Islamic Law Teaching in the 21st Century Global Law School

Professors Intisar Rabb of Harvard Law School, Shaheen Sardar Ali of the University of Warwick School of Law, Mark Cammack of Southwestern Law School, Haider Hamoudi of… Read More


Is There Room in the U.S. Legal System for Halacha and Sharia?

Professors Asifa Quaraishi-Landes University of Wisconsin Law School and a SHARIAsource senior scholar, Haider Hamoudi of University of Pittsburgh Law School and a SHARIAsource contributor, and other scholars of Islamic law and Jewish law will discuss whether and how the U.S. legal system can accommodate Halacha and sharia. They will look at Soleiman v. Soleiman and Garcia v. Church of Scientology, among other cases. This session is one of three  on Islamic law at the AALS Annual Meeting this year, and is jointly sponsored by the Sections on Jewish Law and Islamic Law. Read More

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SHARIAsource MESA Reception

Intisar Rabb, Founding Editor-In-Chief, SHARIAsource, Professor at HLS Thurs, Nov 17 | 6.00-7.00p | Location: Austin 102, Harvard Law School, 1515 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA… Read More


Comparing and Sharing Digital Archival Projects and Resources

Maxim Romanov, Research Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt-Lehrstuhl für Digital Humanities, Institut für Informatik, Universität Leipzig Intisar Rabb, Founding Editor-In-Chief, SHARIAsource, Professor at HLS Thurs, Nov… Read More