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Lunch Discussion :: Prosecuting Radicalization

Professor Amna Akbar, Assistant Professor of Law, The Ohio State University
Fri, Feb 17 | 12.00-1.00p | WCC 3016

Join a lunch discussion with Professor Amna Akbar.

Professor Akbar will talk about the Obama-era frameworks of counter-radicalization and countering violent extremism, how they have influenced the exercise of federal criminal law at home and abroad, and what all of this suggests for what we might see under Trump

Professor Akbar has written extensively on the role of counter-radicalization in shaping national security policing and prosecutions. Underlying her research is an effort to understand the relationships between law and legal discourse, policing, and inequality. Professor Akbar’s clinical practice is focused on law and organizing for marginalized communities. Her work has been published in the UCLA Law Review, UC Irvine Law Review, the Journal of Legal Education, the Nation, and more. Professor Akbar serves on the board of the Clinical Law Review.

Light lunch will be provided.

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Sponsored by ILSP: SHARIAsource at Harvard Law School

Cosponsored by the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice, Harvard Law School