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Innovative Approaches to Migrant Worker Advocacy

Join us for a conversation on migrant workers’ rights in Jordan’s garment sector in the free trade zones with Mervat Jumhawee, Advocacy Officer for the El Hassan Workers’ Center. Founded in 2012, the El Hassan Workers’ Center has a mission of working with multiple stakeholders to connect workers with health and recreational services; empower workers with knowledge about their legal rights; and equip them with tools and resources to organize and advocate for those rights. Read More

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LGBTQ Rights in the Arab World: Dismantling Oppressive Structures

This panel will examine the cultural and sociopolitical origins and dynamics of homophobia and transphobia in the Arab world and engage in an open and honest conversation about what queer liberation would look like in this complex region. Panelists will draw on their own experiences as activists and debate solutions to dismantle the existing structures of oppression in a number of contexts, including Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, and Palestine. This event is open to Harvard Law School affiliates only.
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A Conversation with Syrian Refugee and Activist Sana Mustafa

Sana Mustafa, a Syrian refugee in the US, will share her story growing up in Syria, revolting against the Assad regime, fleeing the horrors of war, and starting a new life in the US, and her new path as an activist and advocate for the rights of Syrian refugees worldwide. Read More

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The Syrian Crisis in Film: Two Award-Winning Short Narratives

Join us for the screening of two short films inspired by true events of the Syrian war. Fireplace (2017) and Orshena (2016) both recount tales of the devastating human consequences of war and give deep intellectual insights into the humanitarian crisis in Syria. The screening will be followed by a discussion with award-winning directors Muhammad Bayazid and Samah Safi Bayazid. Read More

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Feminist Voices in Islam: Rethinking Patriarchal Ethics

Ziba Mir-Hosseini, a leading scholar of Islamic feminism, will discuss the emerging reformist and feminist voices in Islam and their potential in challenging the long-established classical interpretations of Shari’a and rethinking their underlying patriarchal ethical values and norms. Read More

SHARIAsource Open House

Come learn about the Islamic Legal Studies Program & SHARIAsource, which offers content and context on Islamic law. SHARIAsource features a portal built in partnership… Read More

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2017 International Meeting in Mexico City

Registration for the 2017 International Meeting in Mexico City is now open. Register and get other attendance planning information at    The Islamic Law and Society… Read More

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Lunch Discussion :: Restoring the Original Ideology of Islam: Freedom and Equality

Dr. Jones-Pauly will deliver a talk titled Restoring the Original Ideology of Islam: Freedom and Equality. Dr. Jones-Pauly received her PhD in Comaprative Law at… Read More

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ILSP: SHARIAsource Fellow’s Lecture :: Sohaira Siddiqui :: The Transformation of Anglo-Muhammadan Law: Muslims on British Benches (25 Apr 2017 | Cambridge, MA).

Professor Siddiqui will discuss the rise and implementation of Anglo-Muhammadan law in British India. Most characterizations of Anglo-Muhammadan law depict it as a colonial legal… Read More

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ILSP: SHARIAsource Fellow’s Lecture :: Mubasher Hussain :: Shah Waliullah Dehlavi and His Neglected Views on Islamic Law (17 April 2017 | Cambridge, MA).

Join a lunch discussion with Dr. Mubasher Hussain on his current research. Dr. Hussain is an ILSP: SHARIAsource Fulbright Fellow, and Head of the Sirah… Read More