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Contextualizing #MeToo in the Global South

Despite the groundbreaking achievements of the #MeToo movement, the fact is that too many women are still unheard. An intersectional approach to feminism necessarily leads to questions about what the #MeToo movement means for women from the Global South. The event aims to look at diverse women’s experiences that are frequently excluded from the mainstream conversation. Read More

The US in Yemen: What We Know, What We Don’t and What It Means for Rights Protection

This talk by Kristine Beckerle (Human Rights Watch) will examine the US role in Yemen and explore the legal and policy avenues through which rights advocates can push for rights-respecting policies and practices, both in the context of Yemen as well as counter-terror efforts in the MENA region more broadly.  Read More

International Religious Freedom in an Age of Nationalism

How is the current international order affecting freedom of religion? Leading experts Mustafa Akyol, Brian Grim, and Daniel Mark, informed by various faith traditions, academic disciplines, and experiences, will discuss this question—and what must be done to protect international religious freedom in an age of nationalism. Read More

Asifa Quraishi-Landes portrait

Islamic Constitutionalism: Not Secular. Not Theocratic. Not Impossible.

Asifa Quraishi-Landes will explain her current project, proposing a structure for Islamic constitutionalism that is inspired by Islamic jurisprudence and Muslim history, yet designed for contemporary realities. This structure is conceptually different from the typical “Islamic state” imagined by modern political Islam movements, as it is built upon the pre-colonial separation of Muslim lawmaking power: siyasa, made by rulers, and fiqh, articulated by religious legal scholars. Read More